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Economic Contribution of the Colorado Wine Industry

Executive Summary of the CSU Economic Contribution Study of the CO Wine Industry 2012

 This is the executive summary of Colorado State University's Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics study of the economic contribution of the CO Wine Industry for 2012.  The second page features an explanation and graphics to clarify direct, indirect and induced economic contributions and to distill all the numbers from the study down to one spreadsheet.  Of course economics cannot be crammed into one spreadsheet without using imaginary and abstract numbers, so for the full picture, we encourage you to look at the executive summary which follows in this document or the full report available by clicking here.

Economic Contribution of the Colorado Wine Inudstry 2012

 This is the full report of Colorado State University's Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics study of the economic contribution of the Colorado wine industry for 2012, explaining the sources of the $144 million of impact and how the wine industry supports 1665 jobs.
by Dawn Thilmany, PhD, et al., CSU DARE

CO Wine Production and Market Share report

 This report shows a comparison by State Fiscal Year (July-June) of the volume of all wine sold in the state vs. Colorado wine volume reported to the CO Dept. of Revenue.  It also breaks down the Colorado wine figure by the region where the wine is produced.  Click here to link to the Production and Market Share report for FY 2013, the last year for which complete records are available.

These numbers do not represent either a true snapshot of production for a given year nor the volume sold during a fiscal year, as wineries do not report their volume to the Dept. of Revenue at the same place in the process of getting the wine to market.  However, the numbers will represent accurately the trend of Colorado wine production or sales over several years.

Bottom Line Economic Contribution of CO Wine, 2012

 This document illustrates the condensed bottom line for economic contribution and jobs supported of the Colorado wine industry in 2012, adding together the direct contributions, indirect contributions and induced effects, which are also explained in a separate graph.  For more detailed information, read the Executive Summary from the CSU report, or the full report.

Econ Contribution Press Release, 10 Dec 2013

 Press Release from 10 December 2013 announcing the $144 million of economic contribution, 1665 jobs supported and 5% market share for the Colorado wine industry.  That means one dollar of every $20 spent on all wine within the state of Colorado goes to wine made in Colorado.

VinCO 2014 Economic Contribution Presentation

PDF Copy of Presentation by Dawn Thilmany, PhD with CSU's Dept. of Ag and Resource Economics as well as CWIDB Executive Director Doug Caskey.

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