CO Wine Board Research Committee Meeting

The Research Committee of the Colorado Wine Industry Development Board will meet in person and by conference call on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at 9:30 AM.  The meeting is open to the general public.

To join the meeting by teleconference, go to in a browser window.  Log-in with your name and select whether you wish to join the meeting using VoIP on your computer or using your phone by dialing the call-in number in the top left corner of the web browser, 720.515.1880.

If you prefer, you can also join the meeting in person at the Grand Junction Visitor Center (Visit Grand Junction), 740 Horizon Drive, Grand Junction 81506.

This meeting is to discuss changes to CSU’s Viticulture and Enology program, shifts in the CSU budget that supports the Colorado wine industry, and to make recommendations to the CWIDB for it’s fiscal year 2020 research budget.

As Dr. Stephen Menke has already cut back to 50% time and is proposing to cut back to 25% time beginning in July, I would like for this committee to make some recommendations to the CWIDB on how the Wine Board should include enology research and outreach in it’s Fiscal Year 2020 Research Proposal. CSU may have an update for us to consider regarding its contribution to the Viticulture and Enology program out of the Orchard Mesa Station.

Possibilities include, but are in no way limited to:

1. Accept Dr. Menke’s proposal to work three months out of the year to make wine from the experimental grape varieties and to answer winemaker questions and do seminars during crush.

2. Ask CSU to provide enology research and outreach/winery support for more than just three months per year. Whether that involves CSU, the CWIDB, CAVE or someone else hiring someone in addition to Steve can also be discussed.

3. Eliminate enology research and outreach for the immediate future and hope we will be able to reinstate those services in a year or two.

4. Bring in outside consultants to conduct workshops to supplement what Steve would do under option 1 using some of the money freed up by Steve working fewer hours.

Please call Doug Caskey, w: 303.869.9177 or c: 720.304.3406, with any questions.

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CO Wine Board Research Committee Meeting

740 Horizon Drive, Grand Junction, CO 81506