Expect the Unexpected

Visit Infinite Monkey Theorem for a more casual twist on a sophisticated beverage

By Riley Cowing | Contributing Writer

If given a monkey, a typewriter, and an infinite amount of time, what would one expect the outcome to be? A bunch of jibberish? A broken typewriter? Or the works of Shakespeare? According to the infinite monkey theory, if a monkey punches the keys of a typewriter at random for an infinite amount of time, surely they could produce the work of Shakespeare. Here, something great is produced from unlikely and highly unusual circumstances–precisely what urban winery The Infinite Monkey Theorem embodies.

Opened by Ben Parsons in 2008, and recently relocated to its current location in the River North Arts District, The Infinite Monkey Theorem strives to demystify wine, strip surrounding pretentiousness, and increase accessibility. Parsons, originally hailing from Kent in southern New England, began dreaming of opening a winery with his father. When his father passed away after a battle with colon cancer in 2007, Parsons got to work on his urban winery. During the summer of 2008, he drove almost 25,000 miles across the United States to gather used wine equipment, which he housed in a rented World War II Quonset hut located in an alley of the Santa Fe Art District. During this time, he also made bi-weekly trips to the Western Slope to sample fruit and run grape analyses.

IMT's tasting room

Described as “back-alley winemaking at its finest,” The Infinite Monkey Theorem continues to bring quality product to Colorado and beyond. Utilizing grapes sourced from Grand Valley–located in Palisade on the Western Slope of Colorado–the wine truly represents the state and its offerings. Their RiNo location is open daily to the public–a versatile space utilized as an after-work hangout or rented for more official gatherings and parties. Since RiNo is an emerging neighborhood and home to Denver’s alternative art community, it has proven to be a perfect fit for the winery’s counter-culture brand. Infinite Monkey Theorem also plays a huge role in supporting the neighborhood’s First Friday art walk events and has become a must-visit stop for visitors on a River North booze tour as well as a great place to grab a drink before dinner at a restaurant in the area.

The Infinite Monkey Theorem is a Colorado brand and appeals to the Colorado lifestyle, centered on recreation, outdoor living, and having a good time. Though Colorado is a state well-known for its craft beer, Infinite Monkey Theorem is finding a growing demand for affordable and accessible quality wine. The wine is now available on tap at many Denver and state-wide restaurants since people love the portable, versatile, and delicious alternative to hops and barley that is Infinite Monkey Theorem wine.

Showcasing their ingenuity and accessibility with IMT's canned, versus bottled, wine.

Visit Infinite Monkey Theorem at 3200 Larimer Street in Denver. 

For store hours and more information about their product availability and retail, visittheinfinitemonkeytheorem.com.