LONGMONT, Colo. — Some ideas stem from a dream. The sort of dream that can grow into something prosperous.

That said, prosperity can take persistence. And few people have ever been as persistent about their dream as Hilda Schlutz.

To say Hilda Schlutz was a ‘hard worker’ would be an understatement.

“Growing up, I remember my mom would come in and feed us 8, 9, 10 o’clock at night and then she’d [go] back out to the barn till midnight [or] till one o’clock in the morning,” explained Ivan Schlutz, her son.

A few years back, Hilda took on a new project: to build a vineyard and winery on her property.

“I don’t know why to this day she wanted this vineyard,” Ivan Schlutz said with a chuckle.

It didn’t matter though. She wanted it and she was going to get it.

“She would be out here every day till late,” Ivan Schlutz said.

Unfortunately, cancer claimed Hilda’s life about three years ago. But it certainly didn’t stop her dream from coming to fruition.

“It takes everybody in the family to do this,” Ivan Schlutz said.

Schlutz and his family took over responsibility of the vineyard and over the years it has stemmed into something wonderful.

“We named the vineyard after my mother’s nickname which is ‘Pucha’,” he said.

Ivan tends the vineyard, while his son Logan is tasked with making sure everything tastes right.

“Pretty much from start to the finish, this is family oriented,” Logan Schlutz said proudly.

Logan’s sister is a student at CU Boulder majoring in chemical engineering. When she’s not busy studying, she also helps with the vineyard and winery.

His mom helps too; all while working in the real estate industry in Boulder County.

Overall, there are more than 125 licensed wineries in Colorado, according to state records.

By Spring of 2017, the Schlutz family plans to have their wine ready for sale.

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