Palisade wine industry changes amidst the pandemic

The Palisade wine industry is experiencing both expansion and loss during the pandemic– Colorado Vintner’s Collective opened their doors for the first time this month– something they’ve waited to do since April.

The business will be celebrating their grand opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday, “[people] can come out and enjoy themselves and have great wine and learn more about the Colorado wine industry as a whole because there’s big things happening and lots of new wine being made,’ says owner Aly McDonald.

The establishment is focused on 100% Colorado-grown grapes. Down the road, Grande River Vineyards is showcasing a ‘for sale’ sign; “my decision to sell is based on a feeling that it’s time for me to pass the leadership on to someone else,” says owner Stephen Smith.

The winery was established in 1987, making the Palisade staple 33-years-old this year.

Grande River Vineyards remains open during regular hours while they await a sale.