It’s day two of the “Safer at Home” Order and parts of Colorado are easing restrictions and allowing elective surgeries, real estate showings, and retail businesses to open back up while following COVID-19 precautions.

Talon Wine Brands is one of the retail businesses adapting to this new time, which is tough for a hands-on trade for both producers and patrons. James Ferguson is the general manager for Talon Wines and he says, “Wine unifies people. Wine brings people together, and that hasn’t changed. It’s changed the direction in the way we do it, it’s changed the direction in which we share it, but it’s still there, and people are still clamoring for that. It’s the human connection that all of us want, and wine is definitely a huge part of that.”

Wine is a huge industry for Colorado and especially for Palisade. James says, “Palisade is the home for Colorado wine. 70 plus percent of all grapes harvested in the state of Colorado come from Palisade.” James says a huge part of the reason for Palisade being the go-to for Colorado wine country is the climate. “We’re in a German micro-climate, we really are. Grapes are very happy here. The soil is very fertile, and is just the perfect growing conditions, most of the time, for grapes,” says Ferguson.

COVID-19 isn’t changing the way grapes grow, but it’s definitely changing the way people indulge in their favorite glass, but some connoisseurs are savvy. Crissy Colbeth is from Grand Junction and set out on a mission with her hubby to swirl, sniff, and gargle the local batches of fermented grapes. Crissy says, ” We picked the two wines by going online, and looking at their website, and reading the different reviews of wine they had.”

Even without tasting rooms, there’s a way to pick a fine wine and Talon Wine Brands has been helping for 15 years. There is only one rule for drinking wine, and James knows it by heart. James says, “Drink what you like. If you like sweet, drink sweet. If you like dry, drink dry. But, never be afraid to try something different.”