Gaijin24886 is a sake brewery located in growing area of Platte Park in Denver, Colorado.

As our name implies, this is a foreigner’s sake. We’re exploring a variety of American ingredients, using Colorado water, and some good old fashioned curiosity. Gaijin24886 handcrafts its sake in small 6 barrel batches under the close personal attention of our brewer.

Our sake is cold-brewed and fermented using traditional brewing techniques with American ingredients and focusing on bold concepts and inspired by Colorado landscapes and legends. With sakes crafted from ingredients as varied as pickled cherry blossoms, Rocky Mountain snow, black rice, and horchata, Gaijin 24886 strives to produce sakes that both test and tantalize the American palate.

Gaijin 24886 Sake

1710 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80210
Marc Hughes

by appointment only

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