Monart Winery

Centennial, CO 80016

(707) 310-8582

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Monart offers a series of uniquely elegant wines from the high-altitude vineyards of Colorado’s Grand Valley. Produced using a technique called extreme extended maceration, Monart extracts flavors and tannins from the skins of the grapes to develop a more layered wine. This treatment creates a smooth, rich texture with mineral tones and floral aromatics highlighted by notes of toasted French Oak.

Monart pushes the oenological and artistic boundaries in winemaking and its label represents that inspiration. The creative process in modern art has certain parallels with winemaking. Both are reflective of their environments and are collaborations between artist and landscape. Monart’s label was designed by Colorado contemporary artist Lynn Schwartz . “My inspiration for the label was the intense colors and fragrances of Colorado’s mountain wild flowers and changing Aspens. My art reimagines those colors and aromas and how they translate into the wine’s rich red color, intense flavor, floral aromas and earthy characteristics of the mountain soil.”

Monart wines have tremendous complexity because the core of the wine stays in contact with the grape skins for approximately nine months after harvest. Typical red wines spend less than one month on the skins. This prolonged skin contact created a wine that is undeniably unique.

A sixth generation Colorado native, Monart’s winemaker crafted private reserve wines from Napa Valley and the North Coast for over a decade. Turning his attention to Colorado, his goal is to make wines that embody and represent the differences and unique characteristics of the terroir in Colorado’s Grand Valley. In doing so, he has not shied away from experimentation or pushing the boundaries of conventional winemaking.

No tasting room open to the public. On-line sales only.