St. Kathryn Cellars Winery & Gift Shop

785 Elberta Ave
Palisade, CO 81526




This location is now CLOSED! Please find all of our St. Kathryn Cellars wines at Talon Wines at the Meadery (3701 G Rd. Palisade, CO)

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**We’ve moved! Our St. Kathryn Cellars wines can be found along with our other two labels, Meadery of the Rockies and Talon Winery, at our tasting room location at 3701 G Rd. Palisade, CO (Talon Wines at the Meadery).

Nectar of the Field, Orchard and Garden

At St. Kathryn Cellars, flavors come alive to intrigue the imagination and delight the palate. Our sweeter-edged, highly flavorful wines can be enjoyed chilled, on-ice, anytime and for any occasion. We make wines to inspire and delight!

Our winemakers craft jewel-like bottles with a variety of fruits and botanicals. Our wines are unique, flavorful and authentically crafted to taste just like the fruit of origin. While it may cost us more, we choose to ferment the actual juice of the fruit.

Perhaps our most unique wine, and by far our most popular, is our Lavender wine. It is made with 100% Colorado Riesling and infused with locally, organically grown lavender. Visibly lavender in appearance, it has a pronounced floral aroma and a crisp, well-balanced taste. Not too dry, and not too sweet – just perfect for any drinking occasion!

St. Kathryn Cellars is one of three labels under Talon Wines. To learn more about our winemaking, join us for a tour! All our wines, including Talon, St. Kathryn’s and Meadery of the Rockies, are made at the same production facility, Talon Wines at the Meadery, located at 3701 G Road. We look forward to seeing you soon!