In 1907 our great-great-great grandfather Joseph Evan Yeager pursued his dream of moving west and settled in the high altitude scenic Grand Valley of Colorado’s Western Slope.  He was among the early settlers who planted orchards in the Palisade region of the valley.  Constructing canals they delivered Rocky Mountain snowmelt waters to the thirsty mineral rich alluvial soils of the valley floor and surrounding benches and mesas.

Joe’s granddaughter caught the eye of a young cattleman from a neighboring county and upon their marriage, our great-grandmother welcomed Harry Talbott, our great- grandfather and founder of Talbott Farms into the fruit-growing business.  Over the decades, our company has continued to expand orchard and vineyard production and packing and processing for markets throughout the nation.  In 1983 we constructed our first cider mill in the building that now serves as our retail market.  As production increased in the 1990s, we built a larger cider mill that currently meets production demands.

Today, in the same pioneering spirit embraced by Joseph Yeager over a century ago Christopher Leader and I (Charles Talbott) have launched Talbott’s Cider Company producing Hard Ciders so that we can show “the boys” what the sixth generation brings to the table!  We are committed to maintaining a standard of quality that will serve you with premium refreshing ciders.  It is our sincere hope that you enjoy the cider and the friends with whom you share it.  Stay Calm and Cider on!​

Talbott’s Cider Company

3801 F 1/4 Road, Palisade, CO 81526, USA

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