Lino Di Felice, Master Vintner, founded Vintages in Ft. Collins, Colorado, in 1999, as a micro-batch custom winemaker. He personally oversees the crafting of every Vintages wine.

From a Canadian-Italian family, Lino was inspired by his family’s origins in Abruzzi where the dinner table is the center of family life and mealtimes are leisurely, lively celebrations. In Italy wine is central to family life – lovingly handcrafted and served with good food fresh from the farm.

Lino brings this tradition of custom-made, handcrafted wine to Vintages. He has spent over thirty years perfecting his art, first in Canada and now in Colorado. His wine is still fresh and natural, made to a customer’s exact taste, in the Old World tradition.

Lino believes that quality wine should be accessible and affordable – an everyday pleasure that makes your dinner table the center of your family life and brings family and friends together.

Vintages Handcrafted Wines

120 West Olive Street
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Lino Di Felice

Monday-Tuesday: 12-5pm – Customer order pick up only. Wednesday-Friday: 12-8pm Saturday: 12-8pm Sunday: Closed

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