Murder Mystery at the Claremont Inn & Winery October 28, 2017

Murder Mystery Weekends
Who done it?

You will never have so much fun as you will with this entertaining event. Claremont Inn’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party you’ll get to dress up, act up, and get away with murder!

See if you can guess…”who dunnit?”

Everyone gets into the act in these fun filled evenings. Each guest is a character in the evenings drama and a good time is sure to be had by all. We take care of everything, you only need to review your dossier and create your character.

Approximately 2 weeks prior to your mystery Party, the Claremont Inn hotel will mail each ‘actor’ their own personal dossier which provides background information on all the players, your own secrets, and costume suggestions for your character.

On these single night events, guests arrive by 4PM to the hotel with plenty of time to get into costume for the opening act cocktail party. A wonderful dinner and dessert is seamlessly woven into the game. We can’t have a murder on an empty stomach now can we? We host these events periodically throughout the year.

Have a group of 5 couples or more and want to plan your own murder mystery party? Give us a call and we can schedule your event.

1 Night Murder Mystery Dinner Getaway Package


Accommodations at the inn
Dinner the night of the murder
Breakfast the day after the murder
Personalized mystery dossier



2 Night Murder Mystery Dinner Weekend Package


2 nights accommodations
2 dinners
2 breakfasts
Personalized mystery dossier



Create a Unique and Memorable Night!

Let the Claremont Inn hotel create a memorial night for you and your party as we create a themed Murder Mystery Dinner especially for you…

1940’s Casablanca – “A Murder in Morocco”
(min. 10 characters)

Enjoy an enchanted 40’s evening at Mick’s Hot Cabana Club in Exotic Casablanca.

Designed with the same atmosphere and setting as the classic film with Humphrey Bogart, this scenario conjures up a mix of paddle fans, warm nights, Moroccan moonlight, gambling, white tuxes, elegant evening gowns, and red fezzes. Luscious Loretta and Lucky Lorraine, the entertainment hostesses, dance for dollars with handsome men.

Be careful! There’s an international crowd of spies and counterspies. A secret formula is on the loose, and exit visas are for sale on the black market to the highest bidders. The shadows are always crowded in Casablanca!

You will soon forget you are at a Colorado bed and breakfast murder mystery dinner as you are transported back in time to Mick’s Hot Cabana Club. This is the most popular mystery dinner parties that we have hosted at the Claremont Inn.

Country & Western – “The Rocking Rodeo Mystery”
(min. 12 characters)

Your invitation to this year’s Country Music Awards awaits you. Come on down to Connie Clayton’s Rocking Rodeo Nightclub where Dixie Crystals, Roy Rhinestone, and B.J. Barnes are among the nominees.

Tex Tunes is our down home host and he’ll be introducing a cavalcade of country entertainers including the Lassoing Ladies, Slim and Sleepy Spurs, The Fudds, and of course the Country award winners. Lots of autograph hounds, photographers, cowboys hats, glitter, and Yee Haw’s here. But watch out! There’s jealousy, double dealing, and big money at stake. And if someone were to get in the way…. well, who can tell what will happen!

While the Claremont Inn is located in the country it really does not have too much of the country feel to it on a regular day – it certainly glitters everything country once filled with Country Music Super Stars for an awards Gala. This Colorado Inn rises to the occasion lariats and all.

1930’s Gangster – “The Velvet Room Mystery”
(min. 10 characters)

You may be attending the opening night celebration of the Velvet Room speakeasy. Owned by Dom Marconi, this swank joint is frequented by gangsters in striped suits and gun molls in boas. Remember to leave your weapons outside. Bugsy, the Dom’s bodyguard, will be frisking you’s hoods. And don’t forget the secret ‘passwoid’ to admit you into the back room gaming tables for high stakes.

Silkie Smoke as usual will be singing at the piano bar. Her tunes appreciated by local notables, crooked politician, and arch mob rivals alike. Oh, Oh, a dangerous brew sure to cook up some intrigue!

A Colorado bed and breakfast is hardly where you would expect to find this unsavory group of gangsters and broads – but at the Claremont Inn in Stratton Colorado it has happened.

English Victorian – “Murder at Mulberry Manor”
(min. 16 characters)

Take a right at the Moors on a foggy night, and you’ll find yourself at Mulberry Manor house for the reading of the Duke’s will in this classic English Victorian set in the late 1800’s.

Lord and Lady Mulberry are your hosts. Denton and Millicent, the very proper snobby butler and maid, greet you at the creaking door. Constable Cribbs, Vicar Wrightly, Sikh Sadji Wadji, Dame Winifred Crump, Colonel Frithingham, Penelope Plumpudding, Bartlett Von Bon Bon, Captain Rumprear, Sir Walter Winston, and an assortment of Lords and Ladies are the invited guests. Some are welcome. Some not.

The Dowager Duchess is planning a seance and Countess Valenska is on hand to summon the spirit world. Will the dear departed Duke spill secrets from beyond? Gypsy Germaine is busily working the room: selling potions and telling fortunes… Maybe you don’t want to know yours!

The Claremont Inn is the perfect location – our Colorado country mansion feeling will quickly transform you to Mulberry Manor. Experience at all sorts of past mysteries, legends, ghost stories, and of course, a marvelous mystery to solve!

Disco Fever – “Done In At The Disco”
(min. 16 characters)

You’ll quickly forget that your in the Colorado countyside as you dust off that white polyester suit, polish up those platforms and get ready to get down. It’s 1978: The height of the Disco Inferno dancing frenzy. Where every night is Saturday Nightand the fever is burning with disco dudes and divas.

Boogie with Bianca Jagged, Truman Capootie, LiZa Spindelli, Calvin Klothesline, and the rest of the “in” people as Steve Rubble, the owner of Studio 54.5, is planning a special birthday bash for a big celebrity. We can’t tell you who, but we can tell you if you miss this, you’ll want to kill yourself in the morning.

Dig out those disco duds, get in line, and hope you’re hip enough to get past “Big George.” And remember: Staying Alive is a song someone won’t be singing when they’re Done In At The Disco.

“We like the Night Life, We want to Boogie”

Whenever we have held this event be it a Colorado bed and breakfast like the Claremont in Stratton, it really didn’t matter because the polyester and hair dominated the show. This is the perfect murder mystery dinner party to let loose and shake your booty.

Want to Have a Special Theme of Your Own?

Give us a call today, we can create a Colorado Murder Mystery Dinner Party just for you – let the Claremont Inn be your choice for a Colorado Murder Mystery Hotel!


Mention you saw us on the Colorado Wine web site when you book the Murder Mystery and receive a free bottle of Claremont Inn wine!

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6 PM to 10 PM

Murder Mystery at the Claremont Inn & Winery October 28, 2017

800 Claremont Dr, Stratton Colorado