Access items like Annual Reports, Economic Impact Studies, and more. These resources provide an in-depth look at the research activities designed to advance your business.

Economic and market studies

Access Consumer Surveys, Economic Impact Studies, and the annual production and market share report for the Colorado Wine Industry.

Viticultural & Enology research

New! Colorado Grape Growers’ Website

Access Colorado State University Viticultural and Enology Research Page by clicking above.

Annual Research Reports are below.

Colorado State University

New!  Colorado Grape Growers’ Website

from CSU Extension Viticulture Specialist, Miranda Ulmer (970.241.3346 or

CSU Western Colorado Research Center
Colorado State University’s Viticulture and Enology Programs are housed at

Orchard Mesa Research Center

Western Colorado Research Center – Orchard Mesa
3168 B 1/2 Road, Grand Junction, CO 81503


Dr. Horst Caspari, State Viticulturist, 970.434.3264 (x204),
Click here to go to CSU Viticulture Research page.

Dr. Stephen Menke, State Enologist, 970.434.3264 (x202),
Click here to view CSU Enology Research page.

Annual Reports from the CSU Viticulture and Enology Research are shown below.

Historical Research

A compilation of historical research documents prior to 2014. Use the search feature to find specific topics.  Use the “Sort by” pull-down menu to view by date of the document or by title.

Colorado Wine Board (CWIDB)

Access Meeting Agendas, Meeting Minutes and Financial Reports related to the Colorado Wine Industry Development Board.

Wine Industry Impact

Access documents related to the impact of the Colorado Wine Industry.

Annual Quarterly and Progress Reports

Access Annual and Quarterly Reports related to the Western Colorado Research Center.

Viticulture Resources and Information

View documents from 2014 and before pertaining to viticultural practices and information.

Technical Reports

View technical reports to the Colorado wine industry from CSU’s Western Colorado Research Center at Orchard Mesa and other sources.

Research Reports

View reports of viticultural research performed at CSU’s Western Colorado Research Center at Orchard Mesa.

Project Proposals

Read the project proposals submitted to the CWIDB.

Media and Miscellaneous

This section contains publications from the early 1990s Colorado wine industry as well as an assortment of student theses and reports.