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Jack Rabbit Hill

26567 North Road
Hotchkiss, CO 81419



Visitors welcome by appointment.

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Jack Rabbit Hill Farm makes wines that naturally express the farm’s mountain terroir. Our secret is clean, low-input farming and cellar practices. The only inputs: 1st-use irrigation water (snowmelt), biodynamic compost preparations (compost teas made from fermented plant and animal materials), hormone and antibiotic-free horse and cow manure compost, cover crop seed, and organic sulphur. The farm and production facilities are certified organic and certified biodynamic.

Grapes are hand-picked and bask in long, slow, warm-but-not-hot fermentations, thanks to native yeasts, those naturally present on the grapes and in the cellar. No commercial yeasts or other additives used. Fermentations complete in 5-6 months usually, giving the formative wines time to develop their aromas, flavors and weight. White wines are aged sur lees in stainless vats. Reds are aged in neutral french oak barrels for 18-20 months.