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Reds Wine Boutique

112 S 3rd Ave
Sterling, Colorado 80751

(970) 370-5607


Tues - Sat: 12:00 - 8:00 pm Closed Sun and Mon

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We are a winery specializing in small batch brewing.   All of our labels feature dogs that have been rescued through our home or by friends and family members.  All of the dogs have very different stories as to how they came to our home.  We are always willing to share their stories  to help people understand that they should adopt not shop for dogs and cats.  We are very large advocates of animal adoption.

Most of our wines are a unique combination of flavors from oaks to habanero.  We feature both sweet and dry wines with a large selection in between.   We now have a Gold Medal winning wine from the Colorado State Fair along with a Silver Medal.  We entered our Rabid Rojo which took Gold and our Axel’s Shiraz took Silver.

Ginger is the naughty red dog that the shop is named after.  She thinks that all wine is for her and she should be allowed to drink it with Mommy.  She was found after we tracked her through a snow storm and couldn’t find her that night.  The next morning she was found.  She came to our home as a foster due to her home situation was not ideal for her.  After a few weeks she was given to us for good.

Boomer came to us after suffering through 2 tornadoes in a week.  He was rescued for a shelter that was giving the dogs 7 days to find their owners and the euthanizing them.  He was saved by an amazing woman that went out of her way to save him.

Paxton was saved by our daughter that was helping at the local shelter.  He was surrendered by a woman that was not in a good situation at the time.  He is an amazing dog that has been such a good boy for his Mommy!

Basta Wolf (AKA Gizmo Jones)  was saved by our other daughter.  He was found running around our town.  His owner was found and she told us that she couldn’t sell him so she didn’t want him.


This is just a few of the dogs that we have helped and loved.  Please feel free to come try some of our wines and spend some time talking about our dogs and yours!