When people think of a wine tasting vacation, they think Napa Valley, but guess what? There are gorgeous wineries cropping up across the nation — in places you’d never expect. The List’s Brian Corsetti has a list of unusual places for you to discover.

1. Bernardo Winery near San Diego
Get a little slice of the old country here, with a bonus — terrific breakfasts, jazz buffets, and chocolate pairings free with every tasting!

2. Plum Creek Winery is in the small farming town of Palisade, Colorado
Start your Rocky Mountain high by sampling three complimentary wines from award-winning winemaker Jenne Baldwin. Her blends taste like they could be grown with real unicorn blood.


3. Windmill Winery outside of Phoenix
They’ve announced two new wines: a sweet golden aroma chardonnay and a silky flavor pinot noir. If you want to step it up a notch, they also host live music and bring in food trucks every Thursday.

4. The Florida Orange Groves in St. Petersburg
They’ve put a new twist on the classic art of winemaking, using fruit other than grapes! It must work, as theirs is the only wine allowed at Disney’s Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. You can get a map of Florida’s wineries at tryfloridawine.com

5. Mount Pleasant Winery in Branson, Missouri
They give visitors the unique opportunity to bottle their own dessert wines from a specially designed 600-gallon French oak barrel.

Enjoy these grapes being stomped off the beaten path.

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