Chloe makes sure there is a lot of love in the bottles!
Chloe makes sure there is a lot of love in the bottles!
What We Love. The Winery
Sometimes it is hard to believe that the beautiful state of Colorado could master the art of winemaking at its finest. What We Love. The Winery is Michael Hasler’s creator of craft wines located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Decadent Saints are award-winning gems of concentrated wine infusions. We are going to explore the concept of a wine infusion and explain how to serve this unique bottle of magical alchemy.

Michael Hasler is a talented Enologist with over 30 years experience in Australia, New Zealand, California, and France. Michael does not like to boast but one of his internships was at Petrus, France.

Michael’s accolades include a number of gold winning wines over the many years he has followed his passion. Prior to moving to Boulder with his beautiful wife Carolee, Michael was the owner, designer, and builder of Wanaka Lakehouse, unmatched beauty on the shores of Lake Wanaka, New Zealand.

So what is a concentrated infusion you ask? Glad you are curious! How about concentrated Sangrias that are meant to be diluted. These Sangria’s are mulled with real wine, fresh fruits and unique spices. Diluted with seltzer makes 3-4 bottles of sparkling Sangria or simply mix with water and enjoy. Choose red or white or something outrageous: Decadent Rocky Mountain Rescue. The ultimate adventure: a craft liqueur made with red wine, dark chocolate, decaf coffee, berries, and spice. Made to be diluted or indulged straight up over ice. Makes a stunning Black or White Russian. You can dilute 1:1 and heat to make a mulled wine. Chloe, the wonder dog on the label is the winery mascot.

These mulled wines will also make a very unique Valentine’s Day gift!

The collection of Decadent Wines can be shipped almost anywhere in the US, please inquire below or visit their tasting room:

1501 Lee Hill Rd. Unit 14, Boulder, Colorado 80304

Tele: 303-963-6342


Tasting Room Hours: Thurs – Sun from 1pm to 6pm

OR for purchase only, stop in, Mon – Fri from 9am to 5pm